Image of Drawn Poorly Zine issues 1-5

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Drawn Poorly Zine issues 1-5


This is for one copy of one of the five collaborative zines. All zines are A5 and printed on recycled paper. Please make your selection below!
1. IDENTITY - focuses on the relationship between chronic illness, long term conditions and their affect on identity. 24 pages, featuring incredible contributors from all over the world.
2. RELATIONSHIPS (currently sold out) Sometimes relationships and chronic illness/long term health and relationships don’t work. Sometimes they do. Full colour 28 page zine featuring sick artists from Manchester and beyond.
3. DIAGNOSIS - diagnosis is a tricky journey. For some people it takes years, for others it’s sudden. This zine features loads of creatives shari their thoughts and experiences. 28 pages in full colour.
4. BARRIERS- a collective response to societal barriers, how we manage them and over come them 👏. Filled with 20 amazing artists, writers and photographers
5. FOMO (FEAR OF MISSING OUT) (Currently sold out!) - Issue five of Drawn Poorly - 32 pages of mega creatives talking about FOMO (fear of missing out) and what that means when you have chronic illness, disability or a mental health condition. Full colour and printed on recycled paper!